Our school

School Vision

New Traditions is a school committed to multiculturalism, diversity, creative arts and the development of our students into responsible, active participants in the world.

New Traditions encourages creativity and independent learning. We have a tradition of providing school-wide music and arts programs which are crucial elements that contribute to the academic success of our students.

We stress cooperation and independent learning, reinforcing an atmosphere of friendship and mutual support with school-wide projects.


As a student-centered school, we take pride in ourselves as a community that focuses on creative, meaningful, and rigorous instruction. We consistently prioritize the Arts and we recognize the positive effects of a well rounded education. Our high achievement levels are only possible because of the connection and interdependence of families, staff and students working together. Building strong positive relationships is at the core of our work.

We believe that all children can learn and be successful through arts-related programs that work hand in hand with our academics. Our commitment to maintaining robust visual art, music and other creative opportunities at New Traditions - for all of our students - makes our school unique.

At New Traditions, each incident of conflict represents an opportunity for learning. Our Positive Behavior System asks our students to examine their own actions and evaluate how those actions affect others. As a Restorative school, we continue to support the growth and development of our kids’ social-emotional literacy. We begin every school day with a morning circle that emphasizes our promises to Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful.

At New Traditions, we know that inclusive education is not specifically about students with disabilities but relates to all students, with an emphasis on special population students, including at-risk, English Language Learners, and culturally diverse students.

School & Class Size

New Traditions is considered a small elementary school, with 2 classes in each grade level, from K-5. Our average enrollment is 254 students across 11 classrooms. Our K-3 classrooms are capped at 22 students, and our Combination 4th/5th Classes have a maximum of 29 students. New Traditions most recent achievement and diversity statistics can be found in our School Accountability Report Card.

Technology and Media

New Traditions understands and values the use of technology, including computers and video materials. Many academic programs utilize technology to support learning. All teachers will select and use materials in a responsible manner that enhances and contributes positively to the advancement of instructional objectives.

At New Traditions, we believe that digital citizenship skills have become essential for students in the 21st century, especially in schools like ours that are using technology to transform learning. That’s why we are committed to teaching our students how to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly. New Traditions has been approved as a Common Sense School, an honor that recognizes our efforts in teaching digital citizenship to young people and engaging the entire school community in this important discussion.