We did it!

Thanks to everyone who donated, we have raised $135,945!

Looking forward...

As we enjoy our return to in-person learning for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, the PTA, SSC and Principal Caceres have developed plans for the next school year keeping our students in the forefront in terms of both their emotional and academic needs.

We are incredibly excited about what the future has in store for our students at New Traditions!  It will require hard work and investment, but we know it will be worth it.  

Our Commitment

  • Social and emotional support for all our students - includes increasing our social worker to a full-time position, as well as a full-time student advisor
  • Reading and math support - increasing our RTI teacher to a full-time position and exploring options for bolstering math via additional teaching staff and/or new programming
  • Investing in state of the art technology - we are outfitting all our classrooms with interactive projectors
  • Maintaining a creative arts focus - there is still uncertainty as to what things will look like in the fall, but we are committed to making sure we deliver against our creative arts mission (and being creative as to how we do it!)

Please Help

Thank you so much for your help making this happen!  We established a goal of raising $120,000 to help cover these expenses and thanks to the generosity of our amazing community we were able to exceed our goal.

These programs are all so important for our school. If you have not donated and would still like to contribute, please follow the donate now link. As always, if your employer provides a match please consider applying for it.  If you'd prefer to donate by check, please email president@newtraditionssf.com.