From our principal

                       Week 32 Updates


Hello New Traditions Families,

Thank you very much for coming out this Wednesday for our Return to School Orientation meeting. It was great to see everybody and I am very happy that so many of you felt your time was well spent learning about our school procedures and safety protocols in place as we return to in person school. I will host an additional Return to School Orientation meeting on Wednesday, April 21, at 6 pm for our 3-5 families. I have included a link to the slide deck from our Wednesday evening meeting here and also the video recording of the presentation here.

Our first school day starts at 9:30 on Monday, April 19. This includes our k-2 students. Kindergarten and first grade students should come to the Grove Street entrance. Second grade students please arrive at the Hayes Street gate. Kindergarten and second grade students can begin lining up at 9:15. First grade students can line up at 9:25. We have plenty of staff available to help to get students through the check in process smoothly, but please be patient since it is the first time we are doing this. Dismissal procedure begins at 2:20 pm for our k-1 students from the upper playground. They will be released from the side gate on Grove Street. Second grade students will be released from the parking lot gate on Hayes Street.

In the question and answer session after the orientation presentation a community member inquired about the possibility of some days being distance learning and some days being in person. At this time we are only offering one option or the other. It is possible to return to Distance Learning at any time, but once a student is in Distance Learning they will continue in DL for the rest of the trimester. Another question asked about students learning in DL if they are not feeling well for one day. Under SFDPH and SFUSD guidelines, students that are not feeling well will need to quarantine for 10 days before returning to school. In this case all teachers agreed to allow these students to join the Zoom meeting schedule for the DL students if they feel well enough to attend. Otherwise, asynchronous work will be provided to these students. In order to return to school before that time period we will require a doctor’s note. I know these guidelines may seem stringent, but these are requirements put in place to keep everyone as safe as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

As I write this Friday afternoon teachers are still busy here on site planning for the return to in person school. Our teachers are very excited for the next two weeks and looking forward to being together once again at New Traditions.

This has been a long and arduous process for us all. Thank you for your patience and flexibility throughout the whole reopening process. I am happy to say that we are finally there. I can not wait to see you all here at New Traditions School. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. 


Heath Caceres


Video Presentation

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