The New Traditions Dragon Walk

New Traditions’ 9th Annual Dragon Walk is Sunday, October 28th



The New Traditions Dragon Walk is an exciting community event with a creative twist on a traditional walk-a-thon fundraiser!


How does it work? Students ask friends, family members, neighbors, etc. to sponsor them with a one-time donation collected at the time of request. Students may also be creative in hosting bake sales, lemonade stands or another fun activity to earn donations.  Fundraising efforts continue up until the day of our actual Dragon Walk.  Participants (everyone is invited to join) will meet on Sunday, October 28th at New Traditions and enjoy an adventurous 2-plus mile walk with family and friends through Golden Gate Park ending back at the school. After the walk, there is a celebration with fun and food provided.


This year’s theme, ‘It’s Not Just a Walk in the Park,’ highlights that the Dragon Walk is more than a's a fun, community-building and healthy way to raise money for our school!


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