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This last Dragon Den of the year is full of resources and ideas for making this summer a wonderful one, both for your student and for your whole family. A big congratulations to our 5th grade graduates - you did it, and you’re gonna rock middle school! And to the rest of you - enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you next school year!


Your PTA Board Members

Patrick Ehlen

Ranjani Ramakrishna

Monica Devoe

Tim Hickey

Matthias Troitzch

Amy Millward



Mindfulness Tools for Families


Attached you’ll find a letter from Andrew Jordan Nance, the founder of Mindful Arts San Francisco, which contains a tool kit of ideas for being more mindful (this is stuff your child has been learning throughout the year - ask them about it!). You can also visit for more great resources to help your family reset, calm down, practice kindness and gratitude, and think more clearly. Who doesn’t need more of that?



Adventure this week with other NT Families!


If you would like to join a group of parents and kids on some Urban Adventures this Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday, from 9:30am to 3:30pm, email Lucia Wallace (Oliver & Elliot in 2nd, Otto in K) at They are planning a Land's End hike, a visit to the Curiodyssey, and one more destination.



Learning and Growing over the Summer


Here are some resources to help your child continue to grow over the summer, from our very own Mr. Dale (kindergarten teacher).


Second Step (our school’s social skills curriculum)

You can download mini-posters of the Second Step skills of Empathy, How to Calm Down, Problem-Solving Steps, and Fair Ways to Play to your phone from You can also access all the Second Step content (including Mindfulness using Mind Yeti) at the Second Step website. Create your account using this activation code: SSPK FAM1 LY70.


Digital safety/Digital Citizenship

If you haven't already done so, go to Common Sense Media and set up a Parent Account with them. Yes, they will send you emails. I also strongly encourage you to take a few minutes each month and scroll through these emails. As your child grows older, there will be more and more new technologies and content out there and Common Sense Media can help you stay in front of it. If nothing else, their age-appropriate book recommendations (and talking points suggestions) are fantastic.


San Francisco Public Library

All the students at New Traditions received a library card this school year. Consider creating the habit of visiting the library, perhaps on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Books checked out with your child’s card incur no late fees!




Outdoor Summer Fun



A “thank you” from Greening Committee


Thank you to all the volunteers who came to greening Day on Saturday to help clean up our school yard and the green spaces.


Special thanks to:

-Rachael Erdinger, Tim Seufert, and Laura, Millie and Beatrice Shapiro for cleaning up the sidewalk gardens! They look so much better!

-Nick Dedina for pressure washing a lot of our concrete surfaces - amazing how much dirt came off!

-Kathia Sakamoto and Nina Lyubarskaja with Toby for bringing coffee and food, and for preparing our planters' boxes for the long dry summer!

-Greg Kempton for bringing materials and several large power tools for us to use!

-Sean Robinson for being a wonderful teacher all year long and for coming in on all weekend Greening Days and Rebuilding Days!


We had such a rewarding time that we decided to add another Greening Day the first Saturday after school starts, August, 24th, to do the same thing again and clean up the yard for the school year. Everybody is welcome to get together for a social work day!



Other Summer Resources


Library resources:

-Summer Stride, complete with prizes, raffles, children programs, movies, free shuttles to parks, and summer reading lists by grade:

-SFPL provides free access to Kindle ebooks, and audiobooks, via their Overdrive and Hoopla apps. Both are available on iOS and Android to download for free.

Read this article on Summer Learning Loss:, then answer the question at the end of the article, and gain a chance to win $1000 for our school.


One parent recommends the "Summer Brain Quest" series for a fun way to pass the time between school years.



Virtual Tour of the school is on our website now!


Prospective families can now take a virtual tour of New Traditions on our website.



School Site Council Meeting Notes

May 23, 2019

Attendees: Marylouise Robinson, Leigh Conley, Vicky Keston, Elena Ringseis, Amy Millward, Stephanie Haumueller, Megan Taylor, Sharon Park

Notes taken by: Elena Ringseis

Agenda & Discussion Notes

  1. Welcome, Introduction and Review of Norms (5m)

  2. Bylaws Discussion (45m)

    1. Meeting time

      1. Purpose of changing the meeting time is to increase participation, increase diversity of participation and make SSC meetings more accessible and inclusive to our community.

      2. Alternating times: 4:00pm / 6:00pm / 8:30am / 9:30am

        1. Impact of AM meetings -

          1. 8:30 would likely require childcare

          2. 9:30 would require teacher coverage

        2. Group seems to lean toward

          1. Alternate between 8:30am / 6:00pm

        3. Other considerations

          1. Childcare - potential for paying paraprofessionals to cover this.  Maybe YMCA could do it? If it was only every other month, maybe something could be worked out

      3. Leverage video conferencing (Megan Taylor to own)

      4. Combination of these things?

      5. Add to Bylaws: provide meeting date/time X number of days ahead of meeting

    2. How can we increase connections between the SSC and PTA?

      1. Establish rotation of attendance for PTA Board members and SSC Officers at PTA/SSC meetings

      2. Members of SSC share updates at PTA meetings (so its not just Julie doing it)

        1. Could be particularly important in budget discussions, sharing priorities identified by SSC

    3. Other Ideas

      1. Discussed the need for better communication/messaging around What is the SSC? Why participate?

        1. Parents - input/give your opinion

        2. Teachers - hear from parents in different grade levels

      2. Is there a budget for SSC? If we could provide refreshments, that might make a difference

    4. Bylaws: Decisions

      1. Alternate between 8:30am / 6:00pm

      2. Leverage video conferencing (Megan Taylor to own)

      3. Add to Bylaws: provide meeting date/time 1 week (7 days) ahead of meeting (Article VII; Section 2)

      4. Change Bylaws: Meetings are held on Thursdays, not Mondays (Article VII; Section 3)


School Calendar



6/4 (Tuesday): Last Day of School


Next School Year

8/19/19 (Monday): First Day of School

8/2/19 (Saturday) 10am-2pm: Greening Day #1 (Open House - all are welcome for a social work day)

9/2/19 (Monday): Labor Day (school is closed)

10/14/19 (Monday): Indigenous Peoples' Day/Día De La Raza (school is closed)

11/11/19 (Monday): Veterans Day (school is closed)

11/25 - 11/29/19 (Monday-Friday): Thanksgiving Recess (school is closed)

12/23/19-1/3/20: Winter Break (school is closed)
1/20/20 (Monday): Martin Luther King Jr. Day (school is closed)

1/24/20 (Friday): Lunar New Year (schools closed, district offices open)

2/17/20 (Monday): Presidents Day (school is closed)

3/30/20 (Monday): César Chávez Day, observed (schools closed, district offices open)

3/30-4/3/30: Spring Break (school is closed)
5/25/20 (Monday): Memorial Day (school is closed)

6/2/20 (Tuesday): Last Day of School (K-12)

8/17/20 (Monday): First Day of School


Please tell us if we’ve missed something!



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