Please come to the upcoming...

New Traditions Community Meeting (SSC, PTA, ASP, YMCA)

Wednesday, January 23 6-7:30pm in the cafeteria


Mark your calendar - discussions and activities to plan for next school year. Dinner and childcare will be provided. Some of the topics include:


1. The Play Structure: We are going to replace our current structure. What should it look like?! What do we need??

2. ASP and YMCA: How can we create one program that highlights strengths of both programs?? How will that affect your family? What should we offer for the after school classes?

3. School Site Plan: Mid-year review of our current plan. What is working well? What needs some more attention? What changes should we discuss for the remainder of this year and beyond?



Tell the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor that ERAF money needs to go where it was intended - into our public schools!


Start the year out right by sending a quick email, tweet or Facebook post to ask the Board of Supervisors and Mayor Breed to support your school community.


Last year, PTA voted to support increasing educator wages by supporting Prop G, the Living Wage for Educators Act. We will continue to insist on providing living wages for our teachers by asking San Francisco for a fair share of the unexpected Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF) windfall.




San Francisco voters passed Prop G, the Living Wage for Educators Act, in June. In August, SFUSD gave teachers and staff much-needed raises to keep educators in your school. An independent group has challenged the results of the vote; now, SFUSD may not get that money for years, even though the District has already started paying for the promised salary increases.  

The City and County of San Francisco just got $411 million back from the Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF) property tax - a portion of this unexpected windfall is meant to pay for education (as you can tell from the name of the fund.) The Board of Supervisors and Mayor Breed are deciding right now how to spend the money.


The 2nd District PTA is sending a letter to all Supervisors and Mayor Breed to support SFUSD’s request for $60 million to be spent on our schools.


The Board of Supervisors and Mayor need to hear from you and your school community before the budget committee meets January 17th.


Board of Supervisors contact information:

Sample Email


My child attends public school here in San Francisco. For years, we have struggled to keep teachers in our classrooms. [you can use your own examples of your classroom and school funding needs here]


San Francisco should honor the will of voters who passed Prop G, the “Living Wage for Educators Act” (LWEA), in June 2018. In passing the LWEA, voters approved funding for teacher raises, community schools, benefits for part time workers, and more. These vital raises are already being paid by our cash-strapped District, without the expected reimbursement from the Prop G revenue.


Spending discretionary ERAF funding creates an opportunity to continue to invest in education, and to honor the will of voters who passed Prop G. Our public schools need more money, and deserve our support!


We know there are a lot of needs in the city right now, and are not asking that all of these funds go to public schools.


We ask you to honor the will of the voters and support the request made by the Superintendent of Public Schools, Dr. Vincent Matthews, to allocate $60 million dollars of Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund dollars back to San Francisco Unified School District.

Sample Tweets


Make sure SFUSD has enough $$ to support our teachers & schools. Support $60 million in the ERAF funds for SFUSD @sfgov @SandraLeeFewer @SupStefani @AaronPeskin  @NormanYeeSF @HillaryRonen @Ahsha_Safai| @RafaelMandelman @MattHaneySF @VallieBrown @GordonMar @shamannwalton


Voters agree: SFUSD staff deserve a living wage. Make sure SFUSD has enough $$ from ERAF funds @SandraLeeFewer @SupStefani @AaronPeskin  @NormanYeeSF @HillaryRonen @Ahsha_Safai| @RafaelMandelman @MattHaneySF @VallieBrown @GordonMar @shamannwalton




How you can help right now...


1) Donation time! Now's the time to submit your donations and Count-Me-Ins (more info on those below)! Deadline for submissions is February 5th. See the auction webpage for more details:
2) Do you have a wireless microphone? We need two handheld wireless microphones for our auctioneers and if we can avoid renting them, we can save $$$. Let us know at



So...what’s a Count Me In? They’re fun social events that raise funds for our school - and you can host one yourself!


Count Me In events are fun group activities organized by one or more families, teachers, or staff that build community, create friendships, and allow multiple New Traditions families to enjoy the same fun event. Sign-up sheets for the Count Me In events will only be available at the auction, and spaces at the events will be sold at a set price per person (not bid on).


Count Me In events can be kids only, adults only, or for families. New Traditions families, teachers, and staff have hosted some amazing events, like: Themed gourmet dinner parties, neighborhood progressive dinners (each house hosts part of a meal), child-oriented parties, adult or child game nights, trivia night, wine and cheese tastings, bike tours, a Cinco de Mayo party, poker or billiards party, hikes, sushi-making and sake party, makeup party, BBQs, dance party, cocktail or beer tasting, music pub crawl, and more.


If you’re interested in hosting a Count Me In, you can let us know by filling out this form by February 5:


If forms give you the willies, reach out to and we’ll get back to you to work out the details (basically we need to know what the event will be, how many people can attend, who it’s for (adults only, just for kids, or for families), and when it will happen (ideally sometime between mid April and end of October). Or flag down Daniel Stokes (1st grade parent) or Amy Millward (2nd grade parent) in the school yard and tell us your awesome event idea in person!



School Site Council Meeting

Thursday, January 17 4-5:30pm


Come on out and make your voice heard.



Greening Committee Meeting

Thursday, January 24 4:30-6pm


Everyone is welcome! If you would like to be part of the Greening Committee but can't make this meeting, please email or to be kept in the loop and/or to request a different meeting date/time.



School Calendar


1/10 (Thursday) 5-7pm: PTA Board Meeting (school library)

1/17 (Thursday) 4-5:30pm: School Site Council Meeting (school library)

1/21 (Monday): Martin Luther King Jr. Day (school is closed)

1/23 (Wednesday) 6-7:30pm: New Traditions Community Meeting - childcare+dinner provided (cafeteria)

1/24 (Thursday) 4:30-6pm: Greening Committee Meeting



2/5 (Tuesday): Lunar New Year (school is closed)

2/7 (Thursday) 5-7pm: PTA Board Meeting (school library)

2/12 (Tuesday) 9:45am: Principal’s Coffee & Families Potluck (cafeteria)

2/13 (Wednesday) 6-8pm: PTA Community Meeting #3 - everyone is welcome!

2/15 (Friday) 9:30-10:30am: Kindergarten Dental Screening

2/18 (Monday): Presidents Day (school is closed)



3/4-8: Parent-Teacher Conference Week

3/8 (Friday): Annual Auction Fundraiser

3/13 (Tuesday) 9:45am: Principal’s Coffee & Families Potluck (cafeteria)

3/14 (Thursday) 5-7pm: PTA Board Meeting (school library)

3/25-29: Spring Break (school is closed)



4/4 (Thursday) 5-7pm: PTA Board Meeting (school library)

4/9 (Tuesday) 9:45am: Principal’s Coffee & Families Potluck (cafeteria)

4/10 (Wednesday) 6-8pm: PTA Community Meeting #4 - everyone is welcome!



5/2 (Thursday) 5-7pm: PTA Board Meeting (school library)

5/5 (Sunday) 12-4pm: Discovery Festival (upper and lower school yards)

5/16 (Thursday) 4-5:30pm: School Site Council Meeting (school library)

5/21 (Tuesday) 9:45am: Principal’s Coffee & Families Potluck (cafeteria)

5/27 (Monday): Memorial Day (school is closed)



6/4 (Tuesday): Last Day of School


Please tell us if we’ve missed something!



Get Your News In The Den


Do you have the lowdown on an event that you think would be of interest to the New Traditions community? Send it to Amy Millward at