Important fee schedule changes

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ASP Offerings

Winter Session Dec 3 - Mar 1 (approx-11 weeks)

Enrollment period: Sunday 11/11 @ 6pm to Sunday 11/18 @ 6pm


NO Classes During Thanksgiving Week Nov 19-23

NO Classes During Parent Teacher Conference Week Nov 26- Nov 30

NO classes Dec 24 - Jan 4 (winter break)

NO class 1/21 MLK- Mon

NO class 2/5 Lunar New Year- Tues

NO class 2/18 Presidents Day- Mon



Schedule and pricing subject to change by the start of enrollment.


Academic Chess

All grades / Tues 3:30-4:40 / $140

All grades / Fri 3:30-4:40 / $140

With our innovative teaching methods, students of all levels will learn the basic principles behind the opening game, middle game tactics/objectives, and endgame strategies. Learning this ancient game, participants will develop patience, foster critical thinking skills, and understand that decisions result in consequences. All participants will receive our exclusive workbooks.


Animation- The Art of Stop Motion Filmmaking

Grades 3-5 / Weds 3:30-5:00 / $237

In this class students will explore the wonderful and rich world of stop motion animation. Students will create backdrops, characters, and stories and watch them come to life! Students will also have an opportunity to explore claymation as well!


Basketball- ANTS Sports (On-site Upper Playground)

Grades K-2, 3-5/ Mon 3:30-4:40 / $248

ANTS Basketball offers a class that is geared towards both individual improvement and group improvement. We employ tactics and strategies that encourage teamwork and group cohesion to improve personal skills and others around you. Coaches have specific skills to adapt daily lesson plans and curriculum to fit the needs of the group. Solid FUNdamentals are focused on as well as learning the etiquette, rules, tactics and strategies of the game. Last but not least, our focus is to utilize basketball as a means to learn healthy habits that are meant to last on and off of the court. We look forward to have your child join us on the basketball court!



Grades K-2 / Fri 3:30-4:30 / $217 + $15 Materials Fee


This course is a introductory level ceramics class. We will cover all of the handbuilding techniques including pinch, coil and slab. Students will follow their imaginations and take their creations from raw clay through to the end stages of glaze firing.


Grades 3-5 / Mon 3:30-5:00 / $227 + $15 Materials Fee


Students will be able to build upon the skills learned in Ceramics 101 (although it is not a prerequisite course) and take their creations to the next level. This course is taught very much so in an Open Studio format where students have access to all the tools, materials, and space they need to create whatever vision is in their minds. I provide expert knowledge and assistance to help get their project from vision to reality. Students in this class will also have access to plaster molds, advanced tools, special glazes, and different finishing techniques.


Computer Coding- Bytes 4 Bits (9 week class) Please note- No class on 1/9 and 1/16 (due to teacher on vacation)

Grades 3-5 / Weds 3:30-4:40 / $324

Bytes for Bits is a weekly after school program that teaches the fundamentals of software coding. This course is designed to inspire, educate, and equip first and second graders in the wonders and fun of coding. Students will work in various coding programs, where they click virtual blocks together like Legos to make characters move and interact. Each class introduces some base concepts and then has a number of challenges that allow students to bring their creativity to the task. Our objective is to create a fun and educational environment where students can get comfortable with the concepts of code and craft something that is their own.

If you would like to know more about us, visit


Creative Writing & Book Making with Secrets of the City

Grades 2-5 / Weds 3:30-6:00 / $352 + $20 publishing fee

Grades 2-5 / Fri 3:30-5:30 / $352 + $20 publishing fee

BECOME A REAL PUBLISHED AUTHOR! In this class, each student will become a published author by the end and their story is added to one huge class book (with their name on the front cover) that gets sold at Green Apple Bookstore. And, each student receives a small profit back from each book sold. After the program is over, students will also get the option to sell the book on their own to family and friends. During the course, students will work one on one with a professional novelist who teaches them how to develop their story of choosing by brainstorming their idea, “talking about it”, using character development, illustrating (optional), and creating a timeline and ending. Each student will receive their own laptop during the course which will enhance their typing skills by typing their stories and they will get to experience the feeling of "their work paying off" by seeing their published story at Green Apple Book Store in San Francisco. Snacks, drinks, and laptops included. If you would like to see last Springs' published authors from New Traditions, please go to: Material Cost: Class is $10.00 per hour and there is a $20.00 Publishing Fee (includes: cover design, one hardcopy shipped to you, multiple copies at Green Apple Books, journals, pencils, pens, etc.) Time: Pick up is between 6:00 - 6:30 pm every time. Where: Class is held at Sacred Grounds cafe across the street from New Traditions. Each student is picked up at NT and is safely walked over.



Dance- ANTS Sports (On-site Upper Playground)

All grades / Fri 3:30-4:40 / $303

ANTS Dance welcomes all students, providing them a space to explore creative movements and learn dance technique. During each class we will stretch, warm up and strengthen our bodies, introduce new movements, learn combinations to music, and perform in front of each other. Hip hop, ballet, jazz, and contemporary will be the primary styles explored but we will focus on the interests particular to each class. Children naturally move with music! This class helps them improve their balance, coordination, confidence, memory, teamwork, and physical health while giving them a creative outlet. Coaches want your child to be excited about exercising and feel comfortable dancing. We would love to have your child in class!


Drama- New Conservatory Theatre Center

Grades K-2 / Weds 3:30-4:40 / $190

Explore the characters and animals under the Big Top! Transform into a lion tamer, acrobat, and of course a troupe of silly clowns! This activity encourages storytelling, cooperation, spontaneity and physical activity in a fast-paced format. On the final day of class, parents will be invited to a behind- the-scenes look at our drama workshop games and activities.


Drawing/Painting/Acrylic/Watercolor Exploration- Dragonfly Designs

Grades 3-5 / Tues 3:30-4:45 / $250 + $25 Material Fees

Through mindful observation and the application of visual art skills, students are challenged to expand their imagination and express themselves creatively. Students will have the opportunity to engage in various projects that deepen their skills in the fields of drawing, watercolor, and acrylic painting will be presented and practiced at times drawing on inspiration from master art works & learning about the artist’s history. The open studio format gives kids both support and freedom to make their dream world a tangible reality. They will finish with valuable skills and their own art pieces to be proud of!



Grades K-2 / Tues  3:30-4:45 / $206

Sensory Scientists

Enter into an exciting world of making and experiments that will activate all of our senses! In our Sensory Scientists program, students will make and experiment with different objects that activate their senses to help them understand the world around them and how it works. Design and make kinetic sand, electromagnetic slime, and create all kinds of other experiences to light up your brain!


Grades 3-5 / Mon 3:30-4:45 / $186

Sound Engineers

Explore the universe of sound and become a sound engineer! In our Sound Engineers program, students will learn how to design and make their very own instruments! Through the making of these instruments students will learn how sound travels and the many different ways humans have learned to produce sound. Have the next great beat or melody in mind? Join us and become the next great sound engineer!


Jewelry Making & Design- Dragonfly Designs

Grades K-2 / Mon 3:30-4:45 / $225 + $25

Dare to dazzle with handmade jewelry pieces! Daring Dazzlers is a jewelry-making class for beginners that encourages children to explore their creativity through an introduction to interesting colors, textures, and age-appropriate jewelry-making techniques. Our classes are designed not only to entertain, but to improve hand-eye coordination, small muscle development, and pattern-making skills. Boys and girls can learn the basics of beading, finger knitting and so much more! Our highly trained and fun instructors create a relaxed, encouraging environment all children will love.


Leatherworking & Metalsmithing- Dragonfly Designs

Grades 3-5 / Thurs 3:30-4:45 / $275 + $25 Material Fees

Take a walk on the wild side & explore working with metal & leather in this next level jewelry making class. You’ll learn to create mixed media pieces & explore metalsmithing techniques such as riveting, patina, stamping & dapping and leatherworking techniques such as dying, stitching, stamping & burnishing! Learn the properties of metal & leather and how to combine them into enviable wearable art. #fierce


Martial Arts- ANTS Sports (On site Upper Playground)

All Grades  / Mon 3:30-4:40 / $303

This program puts focus on building physical strength and flexibility as well as teaching discipline and respect. The course involves a mixture of group activities, partner exercises and practical self defense. Our goal is to increase physical health, confidence and promote respect among all of our students. We hope you will join us in this fun and engaging program!


Piano Group- Afterschool Music Academy

Grades K-2 / Mon 3:30- 4:45 / $268 + $10 Material Fees

Learn piano in a fun social group atmosphere! Group piano class provides students an excellent introduction to the keyboard and prepares them for more serious private study as well as playing in a band/ensemble. Most importantly, students will begin to develop the skill of playing music with their peers which provides a lifelong benefit. Our teachers focus on developing the students’ core keyboard skills: hand position, note-reading, chord vocabulary, rhythm, and theory while rehearsing a repertoire of rock, pop, and classical songs. Pianos provided!


Spanish- Afterschool Music Academy

Grades K-2  / Mon 3:30-4:45 / $225


Spanish-Beginners: Spanish for true beginners is designed to introduce young learners to basic, age-appropriate Spanish by equipping them with the necessary tools to communicate everyday needs and understand instructions in a student-centered fashion. Lessons are presented in thematic units and delivered in Spanish to ensure lessons meet the linguistic needs of young learners as they establish a strong foundation in the language.


Grades K-5 / Mon 3:30-4:45 / $225


Spanish for advanced beginners is designed for students that have taken at least one year of Spanish. This course is for students that have previous exposure but are still building their language foundation. The structure of the course will begin with a review of core thematic units to check for content knowledge and then focus on reading, writing and conversing in Spanish all while fostering a love and appreciation for the language!


Tennis- ANTS Sports (On-site Upper Playground)

All Grades / Thurs 3:30-4:40  / $303

ANTS Tennis is back and ready to continue progressing our curriculum for those of you who have already played with us! We are also here to those that are just joining and get the up to speed! Utilizing modified equipment (smaller nets and racquets and easier to hit balls) that has been adopted by the USTA, ANTS Tennis teaches and coaches in ways that are geared towards group and individual FUNdamental success, healthy-habit developments and inclusion. Modified equipment allows the children to learn and progress in tennis at their size now, rather than learning on a court the same size as the professionals! Through our 'most touches possible by utilizing partner work' we are able to have children continually learn and progress each session for the whole season! Come join!


Tinkering Spy- Renegade Tinkering Club

Girls in Grades K-2 / Tues 3:30 - 4:45 / $220

Girls in Grades 3-5 / Wed 3:30 - 4:45 / $242

Coed- All Grades / Thurs 3:30 - 4:45  / $242

*10% sibling discount


Renegade Tinkering returns to the world of spies and secret agents with our newest offering, Tools of the Tinker Spy! Renegades do not need previous Tinker Spy training to invent and create spy gadgets, delve into the world of codes, and explore the science that can help spies complete their missions and return home safely. Whether your junior agent has earned Clearance Level Three or is a fresh recruit, all new spy adventure awaits them! This message will now self-destruct . . .


Tree Frog Treks- How Things Work (Off-site class- Pick up at NT)

Grades K-2 / Thurs 3:30-4:45 / $154

Grades 3-5 / Tues 3:30- 4:45 / $154

Did you ever wonder how airplanes fly? How the heart pumps blood around the body? What about how giant boats made of steel can float? If you are the kind of tinkering, curious frog that asks your parents why, why, why, then this semester of fun hands-on science is for you! We’ll look to the future of renewable resources to learn about alternative fuels, as well as cool clean energy sources for power like the sun, water and air. While we observe our animal ambassadors like Santa the Bearded Dragon, Julie the Burmese python, and Abeni the Sulcata Tortoise, we will learn how scientists look to nature to help create new inventions and how machines we use today mimic the natural world. So put on your hard hats and thinking caps and come join Tree Frog Treks to discover How Things Work!


Ukele- Afterschool Music Academy

Grades K-2 / Thurs 3:30- 4:45 / $306

Grades 3-5 / Fri 3:30- 4:45 / $306

The ukulele is an excellent instrument on which to learn how to play music. It's relatively simple to learn, easy to tote around, inexpensive, super fun, and timelessly popular! In this ensemble, we will jump right into the fun stuff and learn how to play music on the ukulele. By the end of the course, students will know a few chord positions, will be able to play a couple of songs on the ukulele, and be able to sing along. Our instructors bring a classroom set of ukuleles with them to every class for the kids to use and we highly recommend that students also have a ukulele at home to practice. Ukeles provided!


Yoga- It’s Yoga Kids

All grades / Tues 3:30-4:30 / $160

All grades / Thurs 3:30-4:30 / $160

Through play children develop imagination, improve respiration, muscle tone, balance and focus. Yoga involves body, mind and emotional intelligence. This class will help children learn to relax, focus, and use non-violent communication skills. A yoga mat is required for this class.











Academic Chess



All grades


All grades






Basketball- ANTS


K-2, 3-5





K -2





Coding (1-2) (9 wks)- B4B





Creative Writing


    2-5 (6pm)


2-5 (6pm)

Dance- ANTS Sports



All grades

Drama- NCTC





Drawing/Painting- DD










Jewelry Making- DD









Martial Arts- ANTS



All grades


Piano- ASMA




Spanish- ASMA


K-2, 3-5


Tennis- ANTS Sports



All grades


Tinkering Spy- Renegade



Girls K-2

Girls 3-5

Coed All


Tree Frog Treks







Ukele- ASMA




3- 5

Yoga- It’s Yoga



All grades


      All grades






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Paper registration is still available for those without computer/internet access. Paper forms are available on the PTA table. Simply complete the paper form and drop it in the After School Box on the PTA table. Once enrolled the vendor will contact you regarding payment.


Registration is first come, first served. Late enrollment is not permitted.



Please notify us ASAP if you wish to withdraw from the class. You may receive a full refund up until 48 hours after registration closes. After that time refunds cannot be guaranteed and parents will need to approach the vendor.



Students will be dismissed by the instructor to the student’s family member or other previously named caregiver at the pick up location indicated in the course description. Parents must provide all names of those authorized to pick up their children to the vendor. Providers may have a fee for late pick up!



Parent/Guardians MUST notify providers directly of student’s absence via Homeroom, phone or email at least two hours before the start of class.  The school is not responsible for sharing this information with after school providers. Classes are held behind if parents do not notify providers of absent child. Continual unreported absences to provider may result in removal from the program.



To ensure a positive after school enrichment, New Traditions has partnered with our providers to reinforce the values and behaviors “Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.” Inappropriate behavior will be handled in the manner that is consistent with New Traditions’ behavior plan.

Misbehavior will result in the student being given a verbal warning and the provider contacting the parents or guardians. A serious discipline issue (e.g. a threat or actual physical harm to another child or teacher) or consistent disruptive behavior that interferes with others’ enjoyment of the class may result in the immediate loss of the privilege to participate in the program.


NOTE: Refunds will not be issued in the event that a child loses the privilege of participating in the program.



New Traditions’ FONT/PTA firmly believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn and grow through our after school enrichment programs. One spot in each class that reaches minimum enrollment is reserved for a scholarship. Though there is no guarantee of scholarship availability, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.


The following guidelines have been established for awarding scholarships to students:

1. Families are eligible to apply for scholarships if they already qualify for a government program benefiting low-income families such as the school district’s free-and-reduced-price-lunch program, CalWORKs etc.

2. Families may apply for only one scholarship per student, per session. Siblings may receive scholarships for different class(es) during the same session.

3 To request a scholarship fill out the enrollment form AND confirm that you qualify with Ms. Debbie BEFORE the scholarship registration deadline. Please note, due to spaces being held for scholarships the deadline to request may be different from the registration deadline. For any questions about scholarships, please contact Ms. Debbie at (415) 750-8490, main number at New Traditions.


Please Note:

• Classes may be canceled if there is insufficient enrollment.

• Please pack a healthy snack for your child to eat after-school on the days they attend enrichment classes.

• Please do not congregate in the hall while waiting for class to end as that may be disruptive to the teachers in other classrooms.



If you have any questions about our after school programs please feel free to contact us: